Emojis Plugin for OXWALL - HELP Are you needing help?

Everyone loves it! Everything you need to know about the Emojis plugin! This is good

Basic information!

This plugin comes with a Emojis Pack.

Emojis 768 emojis in 6 categories! More emojis More emojis

You can start using it with this pack or start with your own categories and emojis.

SEO: Every emoji haves alt tag to make it SEO friendly, you can modify that "Alt tag" for every language installed in your website.

Custom image size: You can modify the width and height of every emoji, make it custom.

GIF support: You can upload your own animated smileys

Mobile support: We added support to the mobile versions of the plugins Newsfeed, Email and Chat.
Help to install

How to install Help to install

In your list of installed plugins, click in the configuration button of the emojis plugin. (It will get you to route yoursite.com/admin/plugin/emojis/emojis)

Install the emojis pack

You can install the default emojis pack just clicking the install button.

Installing the emojis pack
After press this button, a message will be shown, you need to wait until finish to install the full pack, if you leave this page before is fully installed, you will have to reinstall the full plugin. Please be patient, this may take a few minutes.

Missing emojis?

If you recently installed the plugin, you will see that the emojis picker is blank like the below image, that is because you need to install the default pack or add your custom emojis and add them to at least 1 category.
Installing the emojis pack

Send us an Email!

Do you have another CMS? That's great! We can implement this plugin in any another website for a fee, just tell us what is your website and we are going to get in touch with you ASAP!


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